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Is the Plaza Resort & Spa Haunted? Judge for Yourself…

Daytona Beach, FL – October 31, 2013 A recent investigation has unveiled a new reason to visit a historical hotel landmark in Daytona Beach, Fl. Employees and guests over the years have thought they saw or heard strange paranormal happenings; but of course that was all hearsay… until now.

On August 25, 2013, security camera footage captured what appears to be a ghost-like figure in the Veranda Bar & Grille, late at night after closing. The figure moves around the bar area, changing shape. After their security guard saw the suspicious occurrence on the surveillance camera and arrived at the Veranda to check out the suspicious activity; the ghostly figure appears to retreat. Original security camera footage can be seen here.

The Plaza Resort and Spa was recently featured by NBC (WESH) in Orlando, reporting on supernatural sightings at our Daytona Beach hotel. The story features interviews with the eye-witness guard as well as security camera footage of the phenomenon. You can view the story here.

Hotel security chief, Chris Lenkiewicz and his staff were watching security monitors when they saw something odd moving through the Veranda Bar & Grille. “It wasn’t dust. It wasn’t a flashlight. There was nobody in the bar causing this aberration. I went and personally checked it out myself… In the past, I know I have had strange things happen to me at the hotel. One night, I tried to open a door that was not locked. It seemed like someone was pulling on the knob on the other side. I finally got the door open and no one was inside,” said Lenkiewicz.

The Plaza’s history begins in 1888, just 12 years after Daytona had its first “town” meeting. Originally it was called The Clarendon. It got its name from the original cottage that was expanded to become the hotel. It was built by one of the first American settlers to the area, Charles Ballough, who built a large beach cottage at the end of Ocean Boulevard. Although it was a summer residence for the Wisconsin native at first, the cottage was soon expanded and was named “The Clarendon”.

In February, 1909, tragedy struck the popular hotel. At the height of the Winter Season, a fire broke out and the entire hotel was destroyed. During renovations, many hidden underground hallways were discovered. The “new” Clarendon was opened on New Year’s Day in 1911. It was renamed the Plaza Resort many years later.

Some of the regular ghost sightings include the spirits of a man in overalls believed to be a maintenance worker, a little girl seen running around and a man believed to be a prior manager of the property. Late at night one may experience odd elevator activity such as doors opening & closing on their own.

Due to the recent activity in the bar and other suspicious “ghost” activity, a paranormal investigator will be at the hotel in early November, 2013. She will be staying in one of the reported haunted rooms.

Still skeptical? The Plaza Resort & Spa welcomes all interested parties to vacation at their oceanfront resort, meet the spirits and discover the evidence for yourself. American Ghost Tours will be hosting a 2-hour tour on Saturday, November 16, 2013. Click here for more information and reservations. As an additional incentive to visit, The Plaza is rolling-out a special Fall Savings rate, with discounts up to 20% off your room rate. We’re also offering two 1-litre bottles of Fiji Water and two beverage coupons to every room upon check-in!